We’ve collaborated with Nerdeo on two feature films now, both low budget indie films (so VFX artists were always supplying work voluntarily without payment) and although we had our main post-production team in place before post production began, we needed extra help (anything from touch ups, compositing, rotoscoping, grading) and in a very short space of time, and Nerdeo was able to connect us pretty much instantly to eager helping hands! In total I think we ended up working with 8/9 different post-production artists from quite a few different countries. Caroline was incredibly approachable and helpful and rapid to respond to any questions we had with starting up our connections and throughout the process, and we were very lucky indeed that Nerdeo got created when it did. What can very often be an extremely difficult and time consuming task with post-production, turned out to be a really enjoyable team effort. Thanks Nerdeo!  
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