Veronika Bolotina Talks About “Hellebore” on Nerdeo

– What is your job title and role in the industry? 
I’m a director and scriptwriter, represented by trinity movie agency.
 Could you explain a little about your career journey in the VFX / film industry? 
I studied post-production in Berliner technical art school, after that I made my first short film I don’t know, where I confront at the first time a quite complex VFX workflow:  
How long have you been in the (VFX / Film / TV / Music / Game) industry?  
I would say since 2018.
 – What has been the highlight of your career so far? 
I worked with some very experienced VFX artist and VFX supervisor, who is now working with Marvel and Netflix.
– What’s on the horizon for you? 
I would love to finish my feature film concept and pitch it to the streaming platforms, in order to get a possibility to develop a feature film. I am also very into writing my own sketch show.
– What has your experience as an artist on Nerdeo been like so far? What have you enjoyed the most?
I have to say it is an amazing platform, which brings people together. I’m very happy I could find this platform.
– What are you currently using Nerdeo for? Tell us about your project.
I’m using Nerdeo to find people in 3D and Compositing department for my feature film “Hellebore”.
You can find out more details about the project  that won best screenplay pitch at FILMZ right here on the dedicated nerdeo project page:
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