Featured Artist – Edgardo Najarro, Illustrator

Nerdeo: Who are you and what do you do? I am Edgardo, an Illustrator and graphic designer. I am an art mercenary, people pay me to think, solve and create.   Nerdeo: What projects have you worked on? What would you be most famous for? Well, I’ve been lucky enough to work for different agencies and studios across London as an Illustrator and Digital designer.   My work covers character design and assets for animation and games, storyboards, visualizations for campaigns and products, UI for web and apps. The most recent work had been for many known brands: Coca Cola, Channel 4, Barclays, Nationwide, Virgin, etc.   I love what I do and I like to learn and expand my swiss army knife of skills and knowledge.   And my most famous part – I am still working on it!   Nerdeo: Tell us about your favourite piece of illustration you ever made? I have many pieces I feel sentimental value for, but my favorite one must be this one “The water bear” for two important reasons.   1-The characters and the story behind them, were all captured in one frame and was fun to make as well as I think it is fun to observe.   The-water-bear_small   2- It was created to be shown in an Illustration exhibition back in my natal country El Salvador. This exhibition was organized by 27PM(link) an Illustration collective co-founded by myself and a bunch of designers/illustrators friends. 27PM has been going for 5 years now, organizing illustration courses, exhibitions and talks about illustration as a profession.     Nerdeo: Are you working on any personal projects at the moment? Well, I don’t like to talk much about personal projects until they speak by themselves. But yes I am working at the moment in a project that will be related to kids – some fun things to watch, learn and play. It should be fun! I will give you a shout when we are ready.   Nerdeo: We know you love games! How did this love for games come about? What type of games do you like best? Yes I do. Well, back in the days I was a Yellow bone gamer. I am still, but nowadays I am more focus in creating them than consuming.   I have worked as an art director and lead designer for a few games. I also love game design, so I have some ideas in my ‘to do list’ that I would like to put in action soon.   I like different types of games; from indie to AAA. They all have their unique characteristics which can be really cool.   Nerdeo: Are there any developments within Nerdeo that you would still like to be seen implemented? Well, so far so good. I think the simple way you can engage and interact with other professionals is the beauty of NERDEO. Keep it simple.   Nerdeo: On a personal note; what artists inspire you? Many has influenced and inspired me – Art directors such as Stephen Silver(Kim Possible and Danny Phantom) and Genndy Tartakovsky(Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and Star Wars: Clone Wars) To film directors as Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Scott pilgrim) Quentin Tarantino (Pulp fiction, Inglorious bastards).   What I really like about them is how they tell stories, the style and the quirkiness is just amazing.   Nerdeo: Could you give any advice to someone looking to get into the illustration / motion Design industry? I think there is many steps in the life of a designer / artist. -Prepare yourself, learn and practice. -Show yourself to the world! Create and make a portfolio of your best stuff and share it online as much as you can. -Get involved in projects, free, paid or personal – just be part of the industry. -Don’t be afraid! As long you have a professional ethic, someone will find you and will contract you for your style! -Keep growing! And be open minded. -Repeat!   Related links   You can follow me at: Twitter and Instagram: @gardraw My Personal website: edgardonajarro.com Nerdeo: http://nerdeo.net/profile/578547bb87ecd2687b674cd9
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