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If you are a freelancer in the VFX or gaming industries, chances are you’ve already heard of Artella. Launched in 2016, Artella skyrocketed to popularity in animation and graphic design circles for the collaborative platform it provided design creatives with. It was a novel full suite software with all necessary communication tools, review tools, and file management tools to extend a seamless animation and design collaborative experience. You could use it to create video games, VR content, short or feature-length films. However, Artella has not developed its indie tools forward from its initial status at launch and has chosen focus soley on their enterprise file management and video review software.

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What are Your Other Options?
While Artella may have been your preferred creative collaboration web platform, it has failed to continue supporting indie productions in recent times. What are some alternative options open for you in such a situation to participate in remote artistic collaborative activities? Let’s find out.

Nerdeo – Nerdeo is a collaborative platform for artists and creatives to get together and work on a project, much like Artella. You could be a student or a freelancer; Nerdeo’s easy-to-use website is a Godsent for anyone. Sign up for free, post your skills, and add your showreel to your profile. Nerdeo lets you find everything form paid work to no-budget collaboration projects, locally and globally. Nerdeo is currently developing its paid projects section further and is a blessing for freelance creatives in the rough-and-tumble world of freelancing. – is a similar online service, created in the veins of Artella and Nerdeo. However, unlike Nerdeo, your earnings as a freelancer depends on your contribution to a project. adopts a profit-sharing model, as opposed to the financial investment structure traditionally followed. Enjoy task delegation, role management and chat applications to convenience your collaborative workflow on the platform. However, video producers and artists might find lacking, as collaborative work focuses more on still graphics here.

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Give Wings to Your Indie Projects with Nerdeo
Unfortunately, Artella has shut down its indie faction, service permanently. It is looking towards attuning its services to create a space for itself in the professional film and game industry. Where does that leave indie filmmakers, you ask? Well, with Nerdeo. Nerdeo is more than a worthy alternative to Artella’s collaborative suite. You do not need to worry about how to support your independent projects in the absence of Artella, Nerdeo has got you covered. While is a great option for enabling your creative collaborations online, the website does not cater to video collaborations as well as Nerdeo does. If you are a video editor, filmmaker, animator or VFX artist searching for paid freelance projects, Nerdeo offers you a one-stop-shop. Unlike, you do not have to worry about your stake in the project translating to remuneration, you can simply apply to projects which advertise the pay-grade you are searching for. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that!


Artella was a boon for indie filmmakers until it decided to close its services, supporting independent projects permanently. If this makes you feel like you’ve been left in a lurch, don’t. Try out Nerdeo instead! While there are a handful of alternatives to Artella’s indie collaborative platform, Nerdeo trumps them all by a significant margin, as discussed above.
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