Five Mobile Apps that no Indie Filmmaker Should Miss

Image credits – Pixabay If you are an independent filmmaker, working on shoestring budgets, it is the perfect time for you to be making movies. You can thank some great mobile apps that are available on iPhone, iPad and some Android phones as well, which are here to make your job a lot easier. Ever since these apps have exploded onto the scene, the canvass of film making has expanded significantly. Here’s a look at five such great apps:
  1. Sun Surveyor: It is a very important app for moviemakers these days. Want to create the perfect light-shadow effect in some of the scenes of your movie? This software will give you the precise position of the Sun and the Moon at a given latitude and longitude at any time during the day. It has a built-in ephemeris log, augmented reality and a more than handy 3-dimensional compass. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.
  2. Filmic Pro: This app is a cash-strapped filmmaker’s DSLR! Like a DSLR, it allows you to customize some presets like audio and video encoding levels, framing options, and also control frame rates and resolutions. It works on all iOS devices for a small price. Filmic Pro allows you to have complete mastery over white balance, focus, exposure, and even shutter speed and color temperature on iOS 8 and 9 versions.
  3. Artemis: Artemis is a digital viewfinder for directors. They are akin to traditional viewfinders but are more accurate and powerful. Depending on the aspect ratio and lens size entered, it can return precise width of frame lines on film strips. Also, you can make storyboards using Artemis. It can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play Store for $29.99. Image 2
  4. Power Director: It is truly a “gift from God” for filmmakers using Android phones. A lot of newbie filmmakers can’t afford to have a professional editor. There was previously almost no editing software available for Android OS supported phones and PCs in the past. Power Director is an astonishingly simple, yet powerful and comprehensive editor for beginners using Android. The UI is also very intuitive.
  5. Celtx Script: It is a phenomenal app that allows you to write and format film scripts and also collaborate with others. It gives you the option to backup all your scripts without paying a single extra penny. It is available for a token price of $5.80.
The apps listed here is only the tip of the iceberg. An avalanche of new and extremely sophisticated mobile apps is making its way into the market and these apps don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Enjoy your filmmaking experience!
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