How to Make a Good Quality, Budget-Friendly Music Video?

Image source: Wikimedia Making a good quality music video on a shoestring budget is not easy. But, if you plan well, you can create a video which you can still share with your target audience and get good promotion and publicity. For upcoming musicians, completing and promoting the entire project within a reasonable budget is a challenge. Most often, after recording, mixing, applying and registering for copyrights, you are not left with too much money on your hands to splurge on producing a zany video with special effects and shooting at multiple locales. But, that doesn’t mean that you won’t produce a video! A music video helps you to connect with your audience instantly. A good video along can really reinforce the value of your song and the sale of your record picks up. If you can commingle a good narrative with your soulful music in the video, the audience would lap it up. Today, it is almost impossible to make a song with a video get a frenzied start. Few tips to create a budget-friendly but cool music video
  1. Plan carefully: When you are creating a music video on a low budget, you may have to request some of your known acquaintances to work on it. They may be doing it for free or for a token amount. So, you will have to plan the whole shoot in a way that it can be wrapped up preferably in a single day and see that it doesn’t stretch too long. That way, you would have to face loss and your friends would be skeptical to help you out next time you need them. One more reason why you shouldn’t stretch beyond the schedule is that you may be working with rented equipments. If you step beyond the mark, you would have to pay a heavy penalty that would nullify your cost cutting efforts. If you are shooting at a certain location which you have rented, you will also have to keep a close eye on your watch!
  2. Work with a small crew: When the budget is an issue, you will have to constantly make efforts to lose some excess flab! You will have to multitask and talk with people in various production stages about the minimum number of crew that would be needed to pull of the film. Also, don’t be too fastidious about quality of the crew. Try to make the most of what you have.
  3. Focus on the theme and not the props: A low-budget video can also look good if the theme syncs with the music. You don’t need expensive clothes, props or effects to make it look cool. Keep the concept simple. Use the instruments in the video. You and your band members should put on earnest expressions while shooting. Revolve all the sequences around a single theme.
Conclusion Give time on the post production stages like editing as well. Try to do it yourself or collaborate with an expert. Try to set a deadline for the post production stage as well. Don’t procrastinate. Try to launch the video in the shortest time possible without compromising on quality and remember to leverage social media for your promotions.
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