Importance of Planning Your Finances Well When Developing an Indie Game

Image Credits: Flickr Indie game development refers to developing games without the backing of a gaming studio. It refers to developers who develop their games independently and, many a time, distribute the games on their own as well. Is it important to plan your finances well before you start developing an indie game? Why you should plan your finances well for indie game development
  • Game development is expensive: The process of developing a game requires a lot of money, more than you might think, looking at it from an outsider’s perspective. The equipment you require for game development is expensive. Testing can also cost a lot of money. If you employ a small group of people to work with you, you need to pay them as long as they work with you. Crowdfunding or finding investors can help ease the burden, but this requires planning.
  • Self-publishing requires a lot of money: If you have an offbeat central idea for your game, chances are you might not find a distributor to publish and sell your game. if you decide to publish and distribute on your own, it can be expensive. You need to pay for advertising, collaborations and a number of other processes that are part of the distribution. Planning for such expenses beforehand helps keep you ready for all possibilities.
  • Working multiple jobs can become a necessity: If you cannot find an investor or if your costs go up unexpectedly, it might become essential for you and your team to work multiple jobs to sustain game development. You can avoid such surprises if you plan your finances well. You can even prepare for multitasking if you know early on that you will need to work elsewhere to sustain game development.
Why indie game development is fulfilling
  • You get complete freedom to develop your ideas.
  • There is no one telling you what to do or how to go about your work.
  • You get to choose the people you work with and the team with whom you develop your game.
  • You work for yourself and can make your own rules for developing and publishing your game.
Indie game development is a long-drawn process, but it can be extremely fulfilling if you plan your finances well and choose the right people to work with you. You can have fun and work on your ideas in the best possible way, enjoying the freedom that comes with working for yourself. 2 Image Credits: Flickr
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