Marketing strategies for indie game developers

Images Source: Pixabay Most of the indie developers have highly innovative and creative minds that aid them in achieving never before breakthroughs in the gaming world. However, the harder part begins with the release of the game, which demands effective marketing strategies to spread the word about your latest offering. How do you get people to notice your game? The answer lies in this article that would provide you, perhaps a little guidance, to pursue the most efficient marketing strategies for creating a successful brand name. Social media marketing In this technology driven world, it is comparatively easy to get noticed through the social media platform. Your studio’s presence on social media websites such as the twitter, facebook and youtube might be a great booster for the initial launch of your indie game. You may go an extra mile by creating your own personalized website, complete with news feeds and blogs to further promote your product across the World Wide Web. Getting a facebook page or creating a website, hardly requires any investment on your part, but goes a long way in spreading the word about your company. Ensure design consistency Once you have created your social media accounts, it is utmost essential to create a kind of coordination throughout the design layout and imagery of your posts on the various platforms. Branding is an important step in creating a universal presence and recognition. You need to get a personalized logo for your brand, which needs to be both appealing and representative of your gaming style. The consistency of design is the key to creating a serious and professional image of your studio, and might go a long way in establishing your brand reputation in the market. 2 Images Source: Pixabay Engage your audience Your task doesn’t end at establishing your presence across the various social media platforms. In order to keep your presence visible to your audience, you need to keep them engaged with frequent posts about your latest game. Images, videos, news feed, textual content, all of them will ensure that you consistently stay on your audience’s mind. Most of the people on the internet are looking for good quality informative content. The more your feed your audience with behind the scenes tit bits, the hungrier they will become. Additionally, a continuous engagement with your audience prior to the release of your game would help build up an anticipation for it. An effective marketing platform will help your game draw more audience, and develop a sound fan following, both of which will help in the growth and popularity of your studio.
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