Tips To Optimize Your Smart-phone for Shooting Films

Image Source: Pixabay The camera and video recording feature in a smart-phone is a boon for many budding and seasoned filmmakers. There have been a plethora of innovative and successful films shot on a smart-phone. But shooting videos on it will not get you into the major league. A number of rookie mistakes can cost your film dearly. Here are a few tips to ensure your smart-phone film gives big budget films a run for their money.
  1. Read the user manual – You may be a pro at using a smart-phone but the most common mistake you may be making is not utilizing it to its full potential. By reading the user manual you get to know of any additional features which can aid your project.
  2. Never shoot in ‘Portrait’ – Skim through your videos and see if there are any with a lot of blank space on either side. These videos are shot in ‘Portrait’ mode where you have a narrow strip of content which is hard to watch. Keep the phone in ‘Landscape’ or horizontal position before recording. When you use landscape mode, the video looks much better and the broader angle allows you to play it on wide-screens. You can also pack in more details which are lost when you shoot in portrait.
  3. Use ‘Zoom’ sparingly – As great as smart-phone technology is, it still has to go a long way with zoom. Even the best smart-phones produce pixelated images when zoom is used to the maximum. If you have to, then get closer to what you’re shooting or invest in a proper lens which will help you zoom without pixelation.
  4. Use ‘Airplane Mode’ while shooting – If you receive a call in the middle of an important scene; get ready to shoot again because the video will be distorted. Put the phone in ‘Airplane’ mode when you are shooting. 5. Shoot in all types of light – Lighting plays a crucial role in film. Use your phone in all possible lights – low, indoor, outdoor, nighttime, bright, fluorescent etc. – to understand how it is rendered and how it’ll look on screen.
  5. Learn basic editing – There are a number of apps which help you edit the finished film right on your phone. Transitions, trims, effects, credits, and other basic edits can be added easily. If you are a student filmmaker, a director with a tight budget, or a filmmaker who loves to experiment, the smart-phone is your buddy. All you have to do is learn and use it to your advantage.2 Image Source: Pixabay Meta
  6. tips for filmmakers who use smartphones to create films for the big screen.
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