Video Editing Hacks to Make Your Movie Look Breathtaking

Image credits – Pixabay Video editing refers to cleaning up the color and light in videos, stitching videos together in different ways, and combining videos with sound to make a complete movie. Do you want to know how to edit better and faster to get your movie ready in time? Useful video editing hacks to get you started 2 Image credits – Pixabay
  • Use a gaming mouse: A gaming mouse has a lot more buttons than a normal mouse, which means you can do a lot more editing a lot faster with a gaming mouse. If you love using a mouse while working, then a gaming mouse is worth the investment.
  • Use an editing keyboard or keyboard shortcuts: An editing keyboard comes with keys that perform functions specifically required for editing. If buying such a keyboard is not within your budget, you can learn various keyboard shortcuts for the computer and the software you are using.
  • Use interesting editing techniques: These are some examples.* J and L cuts: A J cut is where the music from a following clip (clip B) can be heard in an earlier clip (clip A). An L cut is the exact opposite; that is, music from clip A continues into clip B. these cuts make for great scene transitions. * Montage: This is a difficult editing technique to master, but works well when you have to show a lot of action for a character in a short span of time. It involves stitching frames with each other such and uses jump cuts in close succession to achieve a dramatic effect. * Cross cuts: This is also called parallel editing, and involves showing two separate but connected scenes in the same frame, and the movie cuts from one scene to the other repeatedly to build tension.
Tips to get started with video editing
  • Choose the right computer based on hardware familiarity and your budget.
  • Research all the software available before deciding on the one you wish to use, as some software can be better for certain kinds of editing than others.
  • Ensure that you have all the footage on your system in the correct format before you start editing to avoid problems later on.
If you plan to make a movie, you should know that video editing forms a crucial part of the moviemaking process. Video editing help you tell your story to the audience in an aesthetic manner.
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