The Visual Effects Market in India

Image Credits: Pixabay Was your mind blown away by the visual effects in a recent Hollywood blockbuster? Well, if it did, here’s a small piece of information that might surprise you as well – those visual effects were most likely produced by an Indian VFX firm. Yup, VFX is a growing industry in India and it isn’t just Hollywood that’s benefiting from it. Even the Indian film industry has been feeling the love for VFX. The numbers India’s Media and Entertainment sector underwent some positive changes in the year 2015. In essence, we could call it the year of Indian VFX. The sector experienced a growth of 51% CAGR in 2015 compared to 31% in 2011. There are about 40 VFX studios in the country right now and they employ around 15000 people on an average. A lot of the growth has also been due to the fact that the Indian government has started to see the potential in this industry. For example, the State of Karnataka in the Southern Part of India introduced initiatives as part of the AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Games & Comics) Policy. The objective behind these initiatives is to establish an excellence center for AVGC education within the state. Similarly, the State of Maharashtra has also introduced several provisions under its IT/ITeS Policy to further AVGC development. Other than that, the state, like Karnataka, is also busy setting up an excellence center for AVGC education. 2 Image Credits: Pixabay VFX all around VFX is being welcomed in a big way in India. It’s gradually become a staple in movies of varying budgets and genres. This isn’t just limited to Bollywood. Even regional industries have begun relying on VFX to gain an edge. One example would be “Mithwa”, a Marathi film that had around 325 shots containing VFX. The Indian film industry, as a whole, has seen some tremendous growth in the recent past. For instance, in 2015, the industry experienced a growth of 9.3%. This has created a massive demand for VFX. But, the best part is that it doesn’t end with the film industry. Even TV has joined in on the fun. Major TV channels such as Life OK, SAB, Sony TV, Zee TV, and Star Plus have launched a range of TV shows that are quite dependent on visual effects. Maharakshak Devi and Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat are two popular TV shows that rely heavily on VFX. An estimated 250 VFX shots have been used in these shows. Typically, this includes 2D Animation, 3D Modeling, Chroma Shots, and Matte Painting. So, with such growing demand, things are looking pretty good for VFX in India.
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