The Top Italian Visual Effects Artists/Companies in the Industry

Source: Flickr The visual effects community in Italy has come a long way and has opened the minds of directors and producers to new technologies and different ways of thinking. Here is a list of 5 Italian visual effects artists and companies that have made a difference in the community.
  1. Proxima Milano

    Established in 2003, Proxima Milano is one the few studios in Italy that has the most advanced and innovative VFX – Post – VR – Motion Design. The company consists of creative designers, directors, developers, and local and international artists. Proxima Milano is one of the VFX & VR Italian studios that has worldwide acknowledgment. They have worked with Audi, Ferrero Rocher, Fiat, and Jeep to name a few.
  2. Francesco Panzieri

    Francesco Panzieri visual effects compositor from Italy. He is one the most successful students from New York Film Academy’s School of Animation. He has worked with Hollywood’s blockbuster TV shows such as House M.D, Castle, Revenge, and Mad Men to name a few. He has also worked with Hollywood’s biggest films such as Clash of Titans, Warrior, For Colored Girls, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Fast and Furious (2017), and Westworld.
  3. Maga Animation

    Founded in 1996, Maga Animation is was set up to develop artistic and experimental techniques of animation for cinema and television. The company aims at exporting its ‘Made in Italy’ work to international markets. Maga Animation is focused catering to the various needs of the project, in terms of 2D traditional or digital drawings, mixed and flash, and decoupage techniques, cut-out techniques and CG animation. The studio has multiple styles which allows it to support and sustain the projects and stories it deals with. The company has won multiple awards for the films it helped producing.
  4. Reset VFX

    Reset VFX is a visual effects company that is operating in the world of advertising, film, music, and television videos. They offer a wide range of services such as 3D computer graphics, digital composting, motion graphics, cleaning digital, digital makeup, and stereographic to name a few. The team of Reset VFX is extremely talented as they have proven their worth in the field of composting, graphic designer, and CGI. The company also collaborates with Lucisano Media Group to offer additional services such as DCP master for digital projection and assembly and color correction.2 Source: Flickr
  5. Carlo Rambaldi

    Talking about Italian animation without mentioning Carlo Rambaldi is like playing football without a ball. Born on September 15, 1925, Carlo Rambaldi was a special effects artist who won 3 Oscars. His work can be seen in movies like King Kong (1976), Alien (1979), and E.T the Extra-Terrestial (1982) to name a few. There you have it, 5 visual effects artists and companies that are worth mentioning because of their contribution to the local and international community.
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