3 Common Mistakes That Independent Film Makers Should Avoid At All Costs

Image credits – Pixabay Independent film makers are often bogged down by lack of funds, support crew, actors and most importantly time. Even though some try to overcome these through sheer grit, determination and enthusiasm, very often, they fail to maintain the quality of their film at an acceptable standard or get stuck due to a problem that they failed to foresee or took a risk that ultimately didn’t pay off. There are some mistakes that could end a career even before it took off properly. As an independent film maker, you will have to be on the lookout for these mistakes and be cautious at all times. Problems and solutions
  1. Failing to estimate a proper budget: A film can’t be made without a proper and realistic budget. Many film makers jump in to the direction and shooting without consulting with other stakeholders what a sensible budget would be for his film. Stop taking people you are working with for granted. You can’t expect the cast and the crew to work gratis on your film even if you are not looking to make any money on your film. Also, don’t hope that you will get free assistance and free equipments once you start. Create a budget with proper consultation with professionals who can tell you the expenses of hiring the equipments, people, props and sets you would need for your movie. Don’t be too conservative with your estimate. Try to be on the upper side and once all the arrangements have been made, you should then try to curtail the budget. Also, first make all the arrangements and see if they fit the budget before starting the shoot.2 Image credits – Pixabay
  2. Don’t take the easy way out of casting your friends in every role: If certain roles in your film demand experience and professionalism, you will have to scout for professional actors without trying to make do with your acquaintances. Be very particular about whom you cast for a role. Even if a backer recommends someone for the film, don’t take that person in on the word of mouth of the backer. Create a transparent process. Ask anyone interested to audition for a particular role and only if that person fits should you give a green signal.
  3. Lighting: Lighting is one of the most important components of a film. Don’t overuse or underuse it in the film. Proper lighting is compulsory for creating the right mood for a particular sequence or shot in the film. Carry out as many lighting auditions as possible for every scene. Spare an appropriate portion of your budget on buying or hiring the right lighting kits. Remember, lighting can make or mar a film.
If you are an amateur indie film maker, chances are that you can make any of these three mistakes and some more. Try to minimize them and never repeat them once committed. That will lead you to succes s eventually.
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