3 Major Advantages of Developing Indie Games

There are two main kinds of game developers—independent or indie game developers who work alone or in small teams and those who work in large teams and develop games for gaming studios. Indie game developers are relatively fewer in number as game development can be an expensive and time-consuming affair, one that few can sustain over a period of time. However, game development can be fun, interesting, and highly rewarding if the work interests you. 1

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Advantages of developing indie games These are some of the many advantages of being an indie game developer over working with big gaming studios:
  • Complete creative freedom: As an indie developer, you work for yourself and the small team with whom you collaborate. It affords you the freedom that comes only with working for yourself. It helps you stay creative and give an outlet for your ideas.
  • The chance to pick up new skills: When working alone or in a small team for game development, you cannot afford to perform only one job role. You are forced to work on multiple aspects of a project, helping you pick up skills in the process and honing existing skills to make you more skilled and competent as a game developer.
  • Ability to pioneer new industry trends: You may have innovative ideas that have never been tried by big studios, as there are no numbers to back up new ideas and they are considered risky. As an indie developer, you can break away from existing trends and choose to develop something completely new from scratch.
Working with gaming studios has its advantages, but some indie developers feel it curbs freedom and their ability to innovate. Many indie developers eventually work with gaming studios or tie up with them for publishing their work. 2 Image Credits: Flickr Things indie game developers should bear in mind
  • Stay true to your dream irrespective of the challenges.
  • Ensure that you plan for funds well in advance and have alternatives in place so you do not struggle later.
  • Look for interesting collaborators who can bring new perspectives and make you work better.
Whether you choose to work independently or with a gaming studio is a decision that depends on how you wish to work and what motivates you to perform and give game development your best. If you wish to be an indie game developer, look for collaborators and others who can support you and your work in game development.
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