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Looking for a website to facilitate your collaborative indie game development project? You must have come across The creative, collaborative web service lets you work with freelance creatives from across the world. It extends a full suite of tech tools to streamline project management and lets you pay your collaborators on a profit-sharing basis. Crowdsourcer’s built-in peer review system lets you access quality work that is worth going into your projects. Building invoices and handling payrolls is also a breeze with’s customizable technology. You only pay when you begin earning for your projects! Why Would You Want an Alternative to for Enabling Your Indie Game Development? is a great platform to begin collaborating on your indie game development, but you do not get access to is premium tools unless you offer a profit share to the service. If you’re on a budget, this could pose a problem. Below, we look at some other alternatives you can try to give wings to your indie game development project –
  • Develteam – Develteam is a website for freelance game developers to find open game development projects. Designed as a web forum, you can post your indie game development needs to its Classifieds section and find talent to join your project for free. Develteam also makes available a discussion forum and a real-time chatroom to its users. The website is entirely ad and subscription cost free. It requests donations to maintain its operations. Money won’t be a concern when you are trying to find developers to join your indie game development project on Develteam.
  • – Indie Collaborative Games is another indie web resource that invites indie game developers to work on indie game development projects. Simple and extremely easy-to-use, all you need to do is post your indie game development requirements and wait for developers to reach out to you. You can then verify their skillset and review whether they are fit for the job. Join via your Google account and use the discussion forum to drum up noise about your project; the rest is history!
  • Nerdeo – All said, Nerdeo is your best alternative to If you are heading a game development project, Nerdeo lets you access top game development and design talent from across the world, to work on it. You can post your project to Nerdeo and it will send an instant alert to all parties that seem to fit your collaboration requirements. It is an indispensable feature for acquiring talent quickly, which other online creative collaboration services of the kind fail to provide.
No Need to Profit Share, Pay Your Game Development Collaborators a Stipulated Fee Lastly, one of the primary advantages that sets Nerdeo apart and makes it a great contender for is its payment structure. You do not need to pay your collaborators following a profit-sharing model or go into exhausting negotiations with them. You can simply list the fee you are willing to pay for your project when you post it on the Nerdeo website, which is a welcome change for any project lead. Managing your indie game development is a cakewalk with Nerdeo. Don’t believe us? Try out Nerdeo’s full suite of project management tools today!
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