Tips to Make Your First Week of Film Shoot Awesome

Image Credits: Flickr Made it to your first week at a film shoot? Well, congratulations. That’s some amazing stuff. But, there’s something else you need to know – this is going to be one of your most intimidating experiences. Working in a professional filmmaking environment is very different from what you did at film school. So, if you want to make sure your time there goes well and above all, turns out as a learning experience, there are a few things you need to do. Let’s begin. Always be on time Yup! You’ve probably heard this a thousand times and you probably assumed that this is something that matters only in a typical corporate job. Well, you’re wrong. Being on time is important, irrespective of the career path that you’ve chosen. In fact, you would do well to be at least 15 minutes early. This will provide you with some time to prepare. Things can go pretty fast in the film world, so, starting early can give you an edge and help you stay ready for anything. So, start ahead of time. Excuses are for losers. Dress up appropriately No, we’re not asking you to walk the ramp here. A film shoot can happen at any location. So, dress for the location. If it’s an outdoor shoot under the hot sun, wear something that won’t make you feel like you’re getting cooked. You need to be as comfortable as possible. 2 Image Credits: Pixnio You’re going to be doing a lot of hard work and the last thing you need is your attire distracting you and getting in the way. In fact, film sets have strict rules about footwear. You will have to wear closed toe shoes. This is to prevent injuries since you’ll be handling heavy machinery and at times, negotiating rough terrain. Memorize your call sheet Nobody expects you to understand every little detail in a call sheet. However, they do expect you to have a basic idea of things. For instance, you have to have an idea of what the day’s shooting schedule is going to be like. You need to know where everybody is located so that you can reach them when needed. Don’t leave early You may not have too many tasks in the first week. However, it’s a good idea to be the last one to leave. Staying a little longer allows you to interact with other people on the set. This is a great way to pick up the tricks of the trade and also, socialize. So, don’t leave unless you really need to be somewhere.
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