Adding Thrill – A Key Factor in Movie Making

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons A thriller movie garners success by taking the audience through nerve wracking moments. And these moments cannot magically appear on the screen. They need to be planned and executed in the right manner. So, let’s take a look at a few tricks which might help a budding filmmaker get the right direction while adding suspense in the film.
  1. Fast paced action sequences Directors take resort in these type of sequences when they wrongly feel that their story does not have an exciting pace. Such a disaster happens at the hands of novice directors who ruin the pensive mood of the film through such sequences. It is important to remember that the audience needs an element of anticipation if you want to hook them to the story.
  2. Focus on your character When you are about to reveal something to the audience through a character, you need to extend the screen time for this character. A slow paced close up or lingering the shot at the actor’s face for a few seconds gets the audience interested in the reveal.
  3. Music is only an accompaniment You cannot create a suspenseful scene by solely relying on good music. You need to combine both the powerful elements of suspense and the right music to create magic.
  4. Lens options should be mixed and used If your suspense elements are built in the environment, then you need to expand the depth of the image presented. To achieve this, you can make use of varied types of lenses which will add to the suspense. You can either zoom in or zoom out. In both the situations, the audience will get connected.
  5. Reveal through a pull back Such a technique is quite commonly used by filmmakers. It involves an increased prolongation of the shot to create an intense moment for the audience before the moment of revelation.
  6. Showcase a single idea at a time Such a technique starts from the script writing stage before moving on to the editing stage. If you insert an overdose of ideas thinking that the audience will be thrilled, then you are wrong. Including potential suspects, results or ideas can only disconnect the audience from the film. A perfect formula would be to focus on either one or two ideas and give these necessary twists. Remember that you should be ahead of what the audience thinks.
2 Image Credits: Flickr Start creating your perfect suspense thriller to woo the audience with these tips!
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