Shooting Schedule Tips to Save Money

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons Making a film isn’t exactly something that’s easy, especially when it comes to the financial aspect. You might have a budget in place, but, there’s a good chance that you’re going to exceed it. In fact, this happens more often than one can imagine. However, that doesn’t mean it is okay to settle for such a scenario. Just because something happens all the time doesn’t mean there’s no solution. With a few tweaks and adjustments, you can always maintain your filmmaking budget and maybe even save a few bucks. Here are a few tips to help you out. Don’t keep changing locations back and forth Are there multiple scenes that need to be shot at one particular location? Well, if there are, a smart thing to do would be to shoot all those scenes right away. You can move to the next location after that. This is a trick that can help you save a lot of money, effort, and time. Shoot when moving If there are scenes that can be shot while you’re on the move from one location to another, do it. For instance, is there a scene where you have to show a character driving? Well, what’s better than actually having that character drive to the new location and filming him/her while he/she does it? 2 Image Credits: Pixabay That way, you get to move to your new location and finish a sequence without having to prepare for it individually. This prevents the possibility of bottlenecks during the shooting process as well. Leverage every opportunity where scenes can be productively overlapped. Complete a character’s entire scene at once Use a DOOD or Day Out of Days schedule to maximize an actor’s time. This schedule tells you when a cast member starts work and on which days of the week he/she is working. Based on that, you can schedule shoots in such a way that the actor’s entire role can be shot and completed. The rest can be left to editing. Jugaad Jugaad is the Indian equivalent of a “hack”. There are plenty of hacks you can use to make sure your shooting budget doesn’t cross the line. For instance, if you have a scene that needs to be shot at an expensive location, you can try looking for cheaper options. Does the scene require you to be inside a million dollar mansion? Well, instead of renting an actual one, you can ask your team if they have really rich friends willing to lend their homes for a few hours. You never know. You just might get lucky.
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