If you are an Indie Film Maker, These are the Seven Websites that you Shouldn’t Miss

Pixabay.com/ A lot of indie film makers feel that lack of quality resources while making a film is a hurdle which sometimes proves insurmountable. If you are an independent film maker yourself, you already know that. As it is you have to curtail a lot of costs and also make do with a limited number of cast and crew. This article lists some resourceful websites that can make movie making a little easier and more fun. Some websites that you must turn to:
  1. IndieTalk– Most indie film makers hang out on this website. You may think of it as a niche social media website. It allows film makers to discuss different aspects of movie making and provide critical guidance. There are different categories like Cinematography, Post Production, and Screenwriting where you can participate. This forum is extremely useful when it comes to bouncing your creative ideas and get serious feedback. The interactive element is the biggest pro of this website.
  2. Hope For Film – This is an interesting website mainly frequented by beginner film makers. This website publishes incisive blog posts on different aspects of movie making often penned by renowned film makers. You can leave your comments at the end of the posts and get answers. You can also get interesting ideas from comments of other visitors too.
  3. Black List– This is a very useful site for scriptwriters. It will allow you to share your screenplay with other members and build up interaction and facilitate exchange of ideas. You can also get recommendations and feedback using the professional screenplay evaluation facility that the website provides. It also has an informative newsletter and an interesting blog.
  4. Nerdeo –  If you are looking for online assistance or collaboration, this is a website that you can check. It is mainly frequented by computer effects specialists. It has taken over from the old website, Wreck A Movie, which got shut down a while back. You can share project ideas, roles that need filling and find recommendations/ information about graphics or effects specialists who may help you on your project. You will also find a lot of useful advice from your peers.CgFk9SmW8AAfA3P
  5. Kickstarter– This website is a leading crowd-funding site. It means, if your movie is stuck due to lack of funds, you can find benevolent backers on this site. You can share your movie idea and other work that you have done on the movie. This should get your movie of the ground.
  6. Film Maker IQ– This is a useful resource site for independent film makers. You can participate in a wide range of discussions on film making and enrich your knowledge bank. There are also different tutorials which you can read to understand different facets of making a movie.
  7. Twitch Film– Twitch Film is a huge digital library which stores independent movies from around the world. It also shares different news from the world of new-age movies and provides a forum for discourse and exchange of ideas. If you love the world of independent films, you should not stay away from this site.
  If you turn to these websites for guidance or help, most of the times you won’t return empty handed. With all the digital resources out there, who needs a godfather in the industry? You will automatically shine if you have the required talent and will!
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