Market Your Indie Production with These Simple Tips

Image Source: So, you finally completed your first indie film production. It’s all ready and set to go. Apt yourself on the back and get a treat because you deserve it. We know how tough it can be to complete a production. There is so much effort that goes into it. You were probably forced to make a thousand decisions, spend money that, probably, wasn’t even there to begin with. But, it isn’t exactly over. There is another phase to overcome and it’s called marketing. Whether you like it or not, your film needs marketing. It doesn’t matter how great the film is. People don’t care unless you really convince them to watch it. Marketing is the fine line between success and failure. So, here are a few tips to get your marketing right: Stick to the Topic Your film is more than just a film – it’s a brand. So, when you’re presenting it to the audience, makes sure there’s some unity in what you’re showing. In order to get the desired amount of attention, you will need to focus on creating an aesthetic that’s worth remembering. So, your production material and promotional collateral must be instantaneously recognizable with regards to your film. A very good example of this is the poster for the film, Super Size Me, which depicted director Morgan Spurlock. It went onto become an iconic piece of memorabilia, but, more importantly, it conveyed the overall theme of the film in the simplest way possible. Naturally, this led to the creation of some serious buzz around the movie. Leverage the Internet Ask any marketer today what platform is most effective for marketing and they’ll tell you it’s the internet. The internet connects you to the world and that means prospective audiences. So, make the most of this amazing tool. For instance, social media would be a great place to start. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are like breeding grounds for niche communities that might find your film endearing. In fact, there are bound to be groups dedicated purely to spread the word about independent films. 2 Image Source: Get in touch with these groups and find out how they could help you. Of course, you also have your own friends and following who would be more than willing to engage in a little word of mouth promotion. You can even make a trailer and upload it to YouTube.
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