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  Website: A Few things not up to date on vimeo. Bio: CG Artist, Art Director, supervisor 17 years in Post production 2D 3D Compositing Mainly Flame Artist for 13 years.(comp, edit, grade) HDR photographer including 360 Timelapser with motion Control. Photogrammetry operator including pipe conversion to realtime engine.  


Nerdeo: Who are you and what do you do?

I am a CG artist with a degree in Product Design from Ecole National Superieure  des Arts Decoratifs of Paris (ENSAD). I spent 17 years in the post production industry as a freelancer in different locations in Europe and the Middle East. I have practiced with all kind of tools and software to keep up to date as a generalist ( 2D, 3D, Comper, Flame Op for 12 years), Env photographer, timelapser,HDR, photogrametry op, and so on…I have always focused on expanding my skill set and knowledge to be able to assimilate the next transmedia vision.


Nerdeo: What projects have you worked on?

JP: Freelancing allowed me to work on  all kind of projects through some major Post Studios: Ex Machina, Buf Paris, Smoke&Mirrors UK,  Hectic Electric & GLasswork NL, Pixomondo UK, One of us UK, and a lot of small facilities. “Harry Potter, Monument Men, L’anglaise et le Duc,“The Magic  Roundabout” are some of the films I worked on. I’ve also worked on commercials, music videos, corporate films, Features films, shorts, documentaries, even realtime with militaries. My main goal is to explore, play, and feed my passion through all kinds of challenges.

  Nerdeo: What’s the current project you’re working on that you are most passionate about? Is it a personal project or a commercial project? JP: Right now, I have decided to do the bare minimum in the industry to be able to focus on a personal project based on photogrammetry and its application in a realtime engine and next WebGL2. I’ve loved archeology and cultural historical sites since my childhood. Even my Post diploma short film was based on that. This is becoming a big subject now; with the tragedy of Palmyra, Syria in the news and before that the destruction of sites during the war in Afghanistan (11/2001). We are living right now a very specific moment of change and discoveries like those during the 90’s,  the el dorado years of the VFX industry. Taylorism has created a very nihilist industry for creative people since Avatar. I think 3D Cgi VR will be the next space of exploration to take off.




Nerdeo: Where did the idea for your latest project come from? JP: It came initially from my family education and of course a few Indiana Jones stories ! I love to travel and visit archeological sites, discover traditional cultures and their spiritual knowledge. It also came from the need to feed my creative side differently. Technology innovation has been a good path for me to look at, probably my designer side !. The VR revolution will take the audience to a new way of consumer entertainment. The passive mode will become minor. Time to get in realtime engine Guys !


Nerdeo: Tell us a little about your typical workflow and preferred software choices?

JP: This really depends what you wanna do ! I think the beauty and the magic of creativity right now is that you can create your own software recipe. I have been a longtime Autodesk, Adobe and Foundry user. Right now I am exploring Agisoft, Capturing Reality, Unity engines and many, many incredible small solutions! Sometimes you have to adapt to locations constraints and other times, you can experiment outside of your regular habits. Personally,  I love to play with my Zbrush, PTGui  & GBT timelapse and my DP0/emotimo motion control.


Nerdeo: Are there any developments within Nerdeo that you would still like to see implemented?

JP: Nerdeo is the UBER new paradigm for artists. It offers the possibility to create and collaborate on more projects than in the mainstream industry. People need new ways to explore their passions. Society has a huge need for new content outside the limits of formatted medias. CG Artists can be as ethically responsible as anyone else. Most of us hide in the shadows of obscure Post suites. It’s time to get out of our dispossessed submissive artist conditions. In the 90’s, artists used to work a lot on parallel short projects, participating in an innovative emerging industry. The crisis and competition forced everybody to only work for money (except for an elite, all consent to be abused through an unfair “be in or out” agreement). I feel Nerdeo can create a space where artists can reformulate their work outside of an abusive mainstream industry. If Nerdeo would become a platform for all kinds of expressive projects (Art, archi, corporate, film, research, etc… ), then it’s won.


Nerdeo: On a personal note; what artists inspire you?

JP: I am inspired by the artistic aspect of everyday people that I collaborate with in my daily life. I don’t link the artistic talent to the trophees anymore. I differentiate a digital technician working in an industry context under direction, though very skilled, and a person taking their own initiative in a creative process and all the associated risks. The latter is to me an artist. I don’t mean digital work is not impressive, I love it ! But to me, art has nothing to do with industrial process. Coming from an art program, architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, design, dance, are to me more authentic as creative areas. Right now, the projection performance associated with dance and architecture is super creative.


Nerdeo: Could you give any advice to someone looking to get into the VFX industry?

JP: Pay attention to your physical and mental health. Beware of those who flatter you. Keep humility as a main focus. Live your passion or do something else.

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