Featured Artist – Larisa Dizdar – Photographer

Featured Artist – Larisa Dizdar – Photographer

Nerdeo: Who are you and what do you do?

I am London based portrait photographer. Working in photographic industry since 1990’s.

Nerdeo: What type of photography are you best known for?

I am best known for photographing people. These are privately commissioned portraits done in a certain settings. I also do corporate headshots and have extensive experience working on the films and theatre and creating headshots of actors and actresses.

Nerdeo: What do you look for when doing head shots?

As much as one could think that this is a standard “mug shot” there is no successfully created image unless that “something” captures you eye and you spend an extra time looking for what that is.

It is our unique individuality that is in all of us, you can call it soul ,too.

Alexandra Sauliwsite

Nerdeo: What sort of camera equipment do you use?

I have started as “Nikon girl” and still use it to today’s day. Modern technology makes us get more and more gear, equipment, lenses and so on but it is not to forget that we are talking about the magic of optics here. It is all in glass, as any knowledgeable photographer would say. My lighting is Bowens kit.

Nerdeo: Do you prefer digital or analog? When is it best to use one or the other?

There is no comparison really. One is physical silver highlights what in contact with developer creates a grain and image on the paper the other one is pixel. I am trained picture maker. One of those people who was thought to print en image that can roll down from sealing to the floor.Size doesn’t matter. I would have not exchange a moment from hundreds of hours spent in the darkroom for anything else. Digital is great too. Totally different medium.

Nerdeo: On a personal note; what artists inspire you?

As a young person and photographer I was very much inspired by Joseph Kudelka, Check social-documentary photographer who also extensively photographed Irish gypsies. His super real images of people, faces and moments are amazing. It makes you think of humanity and where we are going.

Sally Man who in the intimacy of her home setting has photographed her children since early age to their adulthood are poignant images too. And of course the lush and larger than life work of Annie Leibovitz.

What all these photographer have in common is that “something” which the viewer cannot quite put the finger on. I still say that photography is creating alchemy and that is what brings these three individuals together.

Nerdeo: Could you give any advice to someone looking to get into on set photography?

Work hard and remember what really matters is working as a unit, helping and supporting realization of “final product” (film, theatre play etc)


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