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I’ve been an Editor for 11 years; cutting Features, shorts, broadcast Documentaries and factual shows. I’ve cut for the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, and for companies like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Red Bull…. It’s been a long old slog.


Nerdeo: Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a Film and TV Editor. My job is to take what is shot and make sense of it, cut it together, chooser the best performances, and to both tell the story and the subplots of the film. I then work with the Director to fulfil his vision of what the best version of the film can be. If I do my job, you don’t notice it!

Nerdeo: What projects have you worked on? What would you be most famous for?

There are no famous Editors! Even within the industry. My first feature film “Arthur and Merlin”, was in the top 5 on iTunes when released. At the 2015 Cannes film Festival 2015 a short I co-edited “Love is Blind” was nominated for the Short film Palm D’Or, and other short’s i’ve cut (including those funded by the BFI, Creative England and Film London) have been nominated for awards at festivals like New York, Edinburgh and London. A short I cut “Mouse X” has recently passed 240,000 views online, which was cool. So I’m not likely to be famous anytime, but I hope to be respected by the time I’m done!

Nerdeo: Do you have any personal projects you would like to develop?

I think a lot of Editors have “delusions of grandeur”, and so I definitely have ideas for my own projects, which I plan on keeping under my hat…for now!

Nerdeo: Do you have a dream collaboration? With who?

Alexander Payne. His films are beautiful, hilarious, tragic and meaningful. Exactly what I aspire to make. Also, obviously, Spielberg (though he’s used the same Editor for 40 years, so that aint happening!)

Nerdeo: Could you give any advice to someone looking to get into film editing?

Work. Work as much as possible. Sacrifice your personal life and spend all your time editing everything you can. You cant get better at this without doing it.

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